Matheran is a most well known and coolest Hill Station arranged in Karjat Tahsil, Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. Matheran is the littlest slope station of India. It is situated on the scope of Western Ghats at tallness of 800 m (2625 Feet) above ocean level. The name Matheran implies either 'Timberland on Top' or 'Forest overhead'.


Matheran is situated around 90 km from Mumbai, 120 km from Pune and around 320 km from Surat.


Matheran is magnificent place for to put in end of the week.


Matheran as a Hill Station was found by a British, Mr. Enormous Mallet, the then Collector of Thane, in 1850.


Matheran is an eco-touchy district, proclaimed by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. It is one of only a handful few places on the planet where vehicles are not permitted, which makes the place not quite the same as others. Matheran takes you over a hundred years back in time when there were no vehicles. As a result of vehicles being restricted in Matheran, the place is very serene regardless of the a great many lakhs coming to visit consistently.


There are bunches of post focuses that give terrific perspectives of the encompassing slopes and valleys. Matheran has a sensibly thick woodland cover.


There are around 38 assigned watch out focuses in Matheran, including the Panorma Point that gives a 360 degree perspective of the encompassing zone furthermore the Neral town. Starting here, the perspective of dusk and dawn is stunning. The Louisa Point offers completely clear perspective of the Prabal Fort. Alternate focuses are the One Tree Hill Point, Hart Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point, Rambgh Point, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


When to Visit:


Matheran is the one of the coolest slope station in India.


In Matheran there is less moist atmosphere consistently. One can visit Matheran at whatever time in 365 days. However simply take a look of period of Matheran.


Summer (March to May)


Summer season is the best season for touring. Temperature level in summer is never surpassing past 30° Cel. Many couple invests there life valuable energy of special night here in Matheran.


Storm (June to September)


Amid the storm the slope of Matheran is constantly secured with mists and regularly we dismiss it behind the thick cloak of mists and fog. Normal 200 Inches precipitation saw here. Matheran looks delightful in rainstorm. There numerous waterfalls are headed from Nerul to Matheran Hill best. Numerous youthful stars visit Matheran by stroll in storm.


Winter (December to February)


Completely cooool ! Winter season is the cool one. Temperature saw in winter between 12-15 °Cel. Winter is constantly useful for all vacationer exercises and we can finish up perfect season for stay and touring.


Reaching Matheran:


The name of this slope station alludes to the thick development of wilderness as its head. Matheran implies a place beat by a wilderness.


By Rail/Train


Getting to Matheran is a large portion of the fun; It is all around associated by rail both, from Mumbai and Pune up to Neral Junction Station, a station at the base of the slope. From Neral a little Toy Train (Narrow gage) takes you through a crisscross course of around 21 kms. to Matheran in two hours time. It's an exceptionally grand two hours rising as the prepare winds its way around the precarious inclines. Some wonderful valley scenes can be seen amid this adventure. Three little stations called Jumma Patti, Water Pipe and Aman Lodge are en route to Matheran.


The toy prepare must be reserved ahead of time from Mumbai or Pune which is a smart thought in the high season (no reservations are acknowledged at Neral or Matheran yet tickets go at a bargain 45 minutes before takeoff).


Mumbai-Neral, 90 kms. Neral-Matheran,21 kms,


From Mumbai CST, just a couple of the Pune communicates stops at Neral Junction, including the Deccan Express and the Koyna Express. Most (yet not all)of communicates from Mumbai stops at Karjat sometime later from Neral, from where you can backtrack on one of the continuous nearby prepares. Then again, take a nearby Karjat bound prepare from Mumbai CST and get off at Neral.


Pune-Neral, 120 kms. (Neral-Matheran mountain prepare)


From Pune take a one of only a handful few Mumbai bound communicates that stops at Neral, (for example, the Sahyadri Express) or one of the communicates which stops at Karjat and afterward get a nearby prepare from that point up to Nerul.


By Road


From Mumbai


Mumbai-Neral-Matheran, 108 kms.


While going to Matheran by street, take Mumbai-Pune Highway(NH-4) upto Chowk Village and swing to Karjat street. From Karjat, a similar street goes to Dasturi Naka, i.e. passage of Matheran by means of Neral.


Get on to the Mumbai Pune Expressway at Panvel (Near McDonalds). Get onto the interstate to maintain a strategic distance from the congested street through Panvel. Take the principal exit (Shedung/Khopoli Exit) that comes under 5 minutes after you get onto the interstate at McDonalds. (Here you should Pay a Toll at the toll-stall for utilizing the road). This exit gets you back onto the Old Mumbai-Pune Road. Take after headings to continue towards Pune. By and by you should pay a toll for utilizing the old Bombay Pune Road. (Toll in both spots is about Rs.25 each).


Take after the old Mumbai-Pune street for roughly 10 km. This will convey you to an intersection where a major green sign approaches you to turn left for Karjat/Matheran. (Try not to miss this intersection as else you will wind up in Khopoli. There is a huge statue of Hindu god Shiva on right half of the old Mumbai-Pune Highway which can be seen from a long separation. The left turn around 50 meters before the statue).


9 km After turning left you achieve another intersection called Charphata Karjat where you have to turn left towards Neral.


11 km After turning left, you will achieve the base of the Matheran Hill ghat street.


Turn left here and climb 7 km to the Matheran Dasturi Car stop.


From Pune


Set off towards Mumbai on the Pune-Mumbai road. Get off the Pune-Mumbai Expressway at the Khopoli exit subsequent to passing Lonavla/Khandala and get onto the old Pune-Mumbai street. Roughly 18 km later, you turn great a major green sign, in Chouk town. Take after the signs from that point on.


One can likewise exit Pune-Mumbai NH4 at Haal Phata close Khopoli to enter SH 35 which will take you straight to the base of Matheran Ghat Road.


Auto Parking and Entry


It is a precarious and limited street yet all around surfaced generally. When you achieve the auto stop discover a parking spot in the assigned region and stop your auto. The stopping extra charges and day by day stopping expenses should be paid here.


No vehicles are permitted past this point. Matheran focus is a 40-minute stroll from Dasturi Car Park. Before you enter the points of confinement of Matheran, Matheran Municipal gathering charges an expenses of Rs 25 for each grown-up and Rs 10 for youngsters.


When you enter, red dusty pathways welcome you to the nature. Doormen are accessible to convey gear. You can appreciate the strolls through the red pathways or ride on steed. Manual "rickshaws"" are additionally accessible; every rickshaw is "driven" by several administrators.


Stopping offices are accessible at Dasturi Naka, Matheran. Starting here into the town focus, either a trek by walking or on horseback or by hand pulled rickshaws, as engine vehicles are denied inside the slope station zone. Amid blustery season Train Services are not consistent. Taxi takes around 20 minutes to reach Dasturi Naka from Neral. To circumvent Matheran, one needs to walk or profit the administrations of stallions or pushcart (single seater).State Transport transports frequently utilize from Mumbai and Pune. A taxi from Neral to Matheran takes about half hour to reach. Taxis prevent around 2.5 km from the focal point of the slope station.Vehicles of any sort are not allowed in the town, which makes it a peaceful, quiet place.


Nearby transport


Steeds and hand-pulled rickshaws are the main transport alternatives in Matheran. From the Dasturi auto stop, it's a 30 minute stroll to the inside, or you can employ a steed. Strolling is faster than being pulled along in a rickshaw.


Steeds can be employed for around Rs.100 every hour for runs around to the view focuses.


Via Air


Mumbai Airport -


Closest airplane terminal is Mumbai, 100 kms./65 Mile.


The closest airplane terminal, Mumbai, 100 km, is very much associated with national and global flights. From that point, you'll have to change to prepare or street.


Pune Airport -


110 kms. from Pune city Airport.


By Foot


Matheran is prevalent among trekkers.


The more lively trek it from Neral. Numerous excited explorers climb the slope from Neral by walking. It is a genuinely hardened climb and takes no less than a few hours. When one touches base at Matheran strolling turns into a joy and should.


Dasturi entryway (Matheran auto stop) is around 8 km from Neral intersection and a delightful scene can be seen from Neral itself. Streams slice through the ranches. One can take after the street or stroll through the wide open along the stream and take the trail utilized by territories. There aren't heading signs along the trail, so you'll need to take bearings from areas or trek keeping the street in sight.


What to see :


Truly! It takes just a couple of minutes to acknowledge why Matheran has this untouched, perfect quality about it. Cars and vehicles of any kind are not permitted into Matheran. This little slope heaven has been left to a great extent undisturbed, since the time an Englishman, Hugh Mallet, Collector of Thane, found it in 1850 and pronounced it a fine place for shady strolls.


The red soil is all over the place. Matheran is a persistent sonnet of shady, thickly lush ways of red mud and velvet greenery, extending unendingly.


In city life we stay and go in concrete wilderness. We can encounter genuine nature and its adoration. We generally think for go outstation to unwind, to remain from occupied furious life. In any case, it's not generally conceivable to make tracks in an opposite direction from city. Where Matheran is truly such astounding spot where nature is assuming dynamic part with you and where you can appreciate each breath with nature.


The streets are still kutcha, there has been no endeavor to prune the fences or tidy up the vegetation, or bring any sort of consistency into its surroundings. However, nature herself keeps up a mellow teach. The overwhelming branches of trees are not all that thickly entwined that you can't see through them; the bushes don't overflow aimlessly on to the streets.


Monkeys are your sidekicks wherever you go amid the visit. Monkey will engage you by embracing their children, brushing their hair, quarreling once in a while as people do. As you walk monkeys will get your bundle of chips. You could wave your warped pandhari stick (a sort of strolling stick) at them, however their distressed expressions would soften the sternest heart.


There are many focuses for touring, places which truly make you can rest easy and lead you towards the fulfillment of Matheran. Matheran has numerous "post focuses" that give marvelous perspectives of the Western Ghats and lavish fields spotted with towns far underneath. These incorporate Panorama Point (with the most staggering perspectives, it's a well known place to watch the sun rise), Monkey Point, Porcupine Point (famous for its nightfall see), Louisa Point (on a level with perspectives of the demolished fortresses Prabal and Vishalgarh), Echo Point (which truly has a resound), Rambagh Point (2 kms from Matheran towards Khandala and Karjat), Alexander Point (one km toward the north of Matheran), Hart Point, Coronation Point, Chowk Point (at the extraordinary southern end of Matheran), and the One Tree Hill.


Matheran's bluffs with staggeringly soak drops to the fields beneath make dazzling review focuses.


There are by and large 36 focuses, 2 lakes, 2 parks, 4 noteworthy love places and a racecourse to visit inside Matheran. In the event that you might want to see every one of them then you may need to oversee 2–3 days on your feet from your bustling calendar. There various decision to move around one can move around by walking or horseback, however it is prescribed proceeding onward feet to encounter the best sight of nature. On the off chance that you are on Horse back you will most likely be unable to invest your coveted energy in the focuses. As every one of the focuses' gives a remarkable view understanding and you can't miss that. Thus we propose you to take horse ride of just a single hour to experience horse ride, rest of touring will be effortlessly oversee by your foot as it were.


Matheran focuses at Glimpse


The Marketplace


Indeed, even the bazaar is recently that a little commercial center, not a business shopping complex. It runs the length of one road, and contains shops and slows down that offer the deliver of Matheran. You can see laborers slouching over portions of calfskin, molding the Kolhapuri chappal that Matheran is renowned for Leather sacks, cowhide belts, cowhide shoes, calfskin tops and numerous more other cowhide items. Workmanship is selective and the costs sensible.


You can likewise discover the glass fowls and dried wild blooms available to be purchased that have a pretty interest. You will insubordinately commanded by the one of the market overwhelmed things in Matheran that is chikki of matheran, a sweet made of gram flour, jaggery and cashew nut. People groups purchase chikki in kilos to convey home; it is an all around prominent sweetmeat.


Focuses to see:


Alexander Point, Matheran


It is on the Madhavji Road which is just around 1 km. from the Post Office. From here one can see Garbut Point, Towers of Bhivpuri Power House, Karjat Palasdari Lake, Borgaon Village, Rambaug Point and Chowk Point.


Charlotte Lake, Matheran


Charlotte Lake is around 2 kms from the Post Office has delightful landscape and greenery. On the left is Pisarnath Temple, Echo Point, Louisa Point are on the correct side of it. Matheran city gets its drinking water. Since this lake supplies drinking water to the town, sailing, swimming and angling is entirely precluded here. One can remain on these pinnacles and study the wild beguiling scene, and the rosy chestnut mountain ranges. The red soil is all over the place. Matheran is a nonstop verse of shady, thickly lush ways of red mud and velvet greenery, extending unendingly.


Charlotte Lake has dam toward one side and sanctuary at the other. A famous cookout spot, it looks astonishing in the rainstorm, yet becomes scarce in the mid year. Close to the dam is the fundamental Hindu blessed sanctuary, the Pisarnath Mandir.


Charlotte Lake, the Panther's Caves and the Paymaster Park are different attractions, particularly for youngsters.


Reverberate Point, Matheran


It is around 2 kms from the Post Office. On the correct one can encounter Echoes resonating in a low tone from this place. This one place for the most part went by affection buds, who express their inclination not by blossom or via cards but rather they yell it out at top of their voice.


Amid the Manson, the perspective of water tumble from here will be a delightful to watch. Furthermore amid month of September and October waterfall can be seen.


Display Point, Matheran


It is one of the far place from mail station, It is around 6 kms from the Post Office. The view from Panorama Point is heavenly. This place is most reasonable for excursion and is extremely well known among the all guests. This point summons one of the greatest perspectives of the slope, both of Matheran and opposite side of it. Peb Fort, Chanderi, Jagged pinnacles of Mhas-Mal, Navara-Navari can be seen effectively from here. On the west side of it with Prabal fortress as foundation is a fine perspective of lush gorges and uncovered bluff of Hart, Monkeys and Porcupine Point. Dawn can likewise be seen starting here.


Khandala Point, Matheran


It is on the M.G. Street, ½ km far from Post Office. One can see Garbut Point before it and at the correct side of it, Khandala Hills, Bhivpuri Power House and Karjat town can be seen.


Rambaug Point


It is around 2 kms from the Post Office. From here Garbut Point, Karjat Town and Khandala Point can be seen.


Chowk Point


It is around 4 km from the Post Office. From here you can be seen Karnala Fort, close Panvel, Vishalgad, Prabal Fort,


One Tree Hill, Karjat, Palasdari and Chowk Village.


One Tree Hill


It is around 3 kms from the Post Office on Shivaji Road, On the highest point of slope there is one lone Jambhul Tree that denote the spot. A tent Hill, Chowk Village, Mumbai-Pune Highway and Panvel City can be seen from here.


Louisa Point and Lions Head


It is around 2 km from Post Office. The place is basically a level. From left to right, one can see Echo Point, Lake Gardens, Chowk Point, Tent Hill, Prabal Fort, Panvel, Lights of Mumbai City at Night. On the right, one can see end of point formed resembles a ''Lion's Head''.


Porcupine Point


It is around 3 kms from the Post Office and is notable for the sublime sight of Sunset from here at nightfall.


Malet Spring


It is around 1-1/2 km from the Post Office. Amid entire year passers by and vacationers can drink the cool water of this spring.


Monkey Point


It is around 3 kms from the Post Office thus named in light of the fact that there were monkeys flourishing on that side earlier. From here confronting Hart Cliff, and experience the delightfulness of resound sound. On the off chance that one makes a clamor or sound, it echoes back almost six/seven circumstances and the resound is particular, clear and full.


Mount Berry


It is around 5 kms from the Post Office. An impressive perspective of prepare coming up the slope ideal from Neral Water Pipe and flawless Aerial perspective of Neral Town can be seen from here,Mount berry is one of the most astounding spots in Matheran, this has mind blowing sees. Representative's Hill, another perspective, is between Mount Barry and Panorama Point.


Garbut Point


It is almost 5 kms from the Post Office. While setting off to this place one meets with an awesome partnership of sky with the earth, as such, of the skyline. This point must be seen for its brilliant Dawn and Sunrise. One ought not miss this Point at the Sunrise.


The Hart Point


This point offers a perspective of the lights of Mumbai during the evening! All of Matheran is a progression of such optimistically named focuses that are prevalent, if separated, destinations for picnics and fireside party around evening time.


• Little Cowk Point


• Belvedere Point


• Olympia Race Course


• Lords Point


• Cecil Point (Actually a water fall mouth)


• Madhavji Garden and Point


• Matheran Railway Station


• Mayor Point

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