Situated at around 87 km from the state capital city Mumbai, Palghar is a vital city and the metropolitan committee in the area of Thane in the condition of Maharashtra. It is a bustling town and is very much associated with the vital towns and urban areas of the state either by street or by railroad. It is a bordertown situated close Gujarat and the capital city of Mumbai is found 87 km from the town. 
Palghar is considered as a modern township and there are many little scale enterprises situated here. Pharmaceutical, plastics, material, journal and little scale building enterprises are based all around the town. 
There is additionally a touch of horticultural reliance with a segment of the populace relying upon growing an assortment of natural products like chickoo, coconuts, and so forth and rice development. There are numerous lovely spots to see in and around Palghar which attract standard sightseers. 
The Kelva dam with its delightful garden built numerous years back is a wellspring of water system, as well as a pleasant place to visit. The Kelva Fort and Shirgoan Fort found close-by are well known traveler destinations alongside the numerous excellent shorelines like Kelva Beach, Mahim Beach, Satpati Beach. There are likewise various pleasant lakes and some acclaimed Hindu sanctuaries like the Ram Mandir and the Sheetala Devi Mandir which add to the magnificence of the town. 
Availability to the town is very great as it is a part of the Mumbai Suburban Rail arrange. The town lies on the Mumbai-Ahmadabad rail course and is the following real intersection after the town of Virar. By street, it is associated by the National Highway 8 which interfaces Mumbai and Ahmedabad. 
Being so all around associated, it is viewed as a decent base point for voyagers going to the adjacent visitor locales. 
When to Visit
The climate in Palghar is very tropical with summers being hot and muggy and winters more wonderful. The season change is not as apparent as some different parts of the nation and the town can be gone to practically during the time since the adjustments in the season is very negligible. Be that as it may, winter is still a more mainstream time and the town sees the greatest inflow of guests amid the times of November to March. 
Reaching Palghar: 
Mumbai (Maharashtra) to Palghar (Maharashtra) is 112 km. Time by street is 1 hr, 40 mins. 
There is no air terminal in Palghar. Closest air terminal to Palghar is Mumbai Airport. 
What to see
Sheetala Devi sanctuary 
Sheetala Devi sanctuary is found near Kelva shoreline. Extremely old sanctuary it has a one of a kind symbol of Goddess Devi. 
Ram sanctuary 
This old Temple is near Satpati shoreline. As per a legend, Lord Ram and his sibling Lord Lakshmana were detained here by Mahiravan and Ahiravan until protected by Lord Hanuman. The sanctuary was redesigned in 1994 and pulls in greatest aficionados on Thursdays and Saturdays and amid the celebration of Ram Navami. 
Satpati Beach 
Satpati found near the Palghar railroad station is the greatest angling focus in Maharashtra. A tired villa, flourishing with the angling business it is dabbed with palm trees, the shoreline is spotless and calm. It is one of the biggest shorelines around here. 
Regularly known as the entryway to Palghar, Manor is situated on the banks of Vaitarna River. A moderately serene town, Manor is famous among local people and the guests for pottery items that are delivered in wealth in the area. 
Kelva Beach 
Situated in the Palghar district, the Kelva Beach is well known for having a huge extend of shoreline land. This shoreline is additionally tremendously gone by on the grounds that the vast majority of the facilities of the locale are situated close to the shoreline. 
Shirgaon Beach 
Found near the Shirgaon Beach, this fortress is said to be utilized by Maratha ruler, Shivaji. This fortification was before used to keep a nearby beware of the adversary lines and development. In spite of the fact that the old fortification is in a demolished condition, much proof of the Maratha lead of Shivaji can be seen inside the post and its edges. The green palm cultivates inside the fortress are likewise a mainstream highlight of the post. 
Close to the area of Palghar, on the Arabian Sea drift, is the shoreline of Mahim that offers a beautiful perspective of the Arabian Sea. Mahim Beach is more famous for being a nightfall point. Situated close to the shoreline is the Mahim Fort that was worked to protect against the attack of the Portuguese. Today, the stronghold is joined by vacationer framework like a few condos and convenience buildings.

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